About Me

Let's Get to Know Each Other!

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  My parents are from the Philippines.  I personally have only traveled there once when I was 18 years old and I loved it.  I was able to experience my own culture and actually learned a bit of the language over the month that we stayed there (although I do wish I was more fluent).  I have a husband whom I have now known for half my life and we have  3 beautiful daughters together.

I never actually knew how to cook anything until I met my husband.  He taught me how to cook a few dishes and also taught me some tips and tricks when it comes to cooking, then eventually I started to learn on my own.  I love trying new recipes, new restaurants, and new dishes. 


If you subscribe to my blog, I will be forever grateful, as this is a new adventure for me, and I truly appreciate your love and support! 

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